Iowa Lakes Corridor Education


Spencer Middle SchoolThe Iowa Lakes Corridor is home to quality schools with small class sizes, modern buildings and technology, excellent programs and top-notch faculty and administration. Below are some of the education statistics from K-12 school districts in our region:

Albert City Truesdale
Graduation Rate: NA
Total enrollment: 89
ACT Score: 21.5
Graduation Rate: 94.12%
Total enrollment: 445.3
ACT Score: NA
Graduation Rate: 95.35%
Total enrollment: 522
ACT Score: 20
North Union
Graduation Rate: 91.30%
Total enrollment: 315
ACT Score: NA
Clay Central/ Everly
Graduation Rate: 96.77%
Total enrollment: 344
ACT Score: 23
Graduation Rate: 95%
Total enrollment: 951
ACT Score: 22.2
Estherville Lincoln Central
Graduation Rate: 98.92%
Total enrollment: 1414.7
ACT Score: NA
Sioux Central
Graduation Rate: 92.45%
Total enrollment: 615.3
ACT Score: 21.5
Graduation Rate: 100%
Total enrollment: 331
ACT Score: NA
Graduation Rate: 87.22%
Total enrollment: 1,897.7
ACT Score: NA
Harris Lake Park
Graduation Rate: 96.30%
Total enrollment: 296.2
ACT Score: 22.8
Spirit Lake
Graduation Rate: 96.52%
Total enrollment: 1,202.1
ACT Score: 23.3
Laurens Marathon
Graduation Rate: 97.30%
Total enrollment: 352
ACT Score: 21.7
Storm Lake
Graduation Rate: 60.19%
Total enrollment: 2,211.2
ACT Score: 21.1

Source: Iowa Department of Education